Hasco Oil Company is a privately held corporation that is based in Southern California. Calling Long Beach home since 1965, Hasco Oil Company’s heritage comes from a family-owned gas station that developed into one of Mobil’s first United States oil distributors. This longstanding relationship with Mobil, and now ExxonMobil, has afforded Hasco Oil the ability to continually expand its areas of expertise.

Originally specializing in fuels and delivery services, Hasco invested in becoming an expert in industrial applications and all of the specialized lubricants associated with such industries. In 2000, Hasco Oil continued its industrial expansion; this time into the highly technical metalworking field. Hasco partnered with Castrol Industrial to become Castrol’s sole distributor in Southern California. Castrol has long been the world’s leading manufacturer and developer of metalworking fluids and Hasco has now grown to become one of Castrol’s largest metalworking distributors in the United States.

In 2010, Hasco purchased a blending facility in Vernon, CA where, today, all of Hasco’s specialty metalworking, general industrial, and food-grade products are engineered and manufactured. These products are distributed across the United States and internationally under the Hasco, Hasco Forge, and Hasco FM brand names. This continued growth and expertise has also afforded Hasco to become a distributor of the Eastman line of specialized aviation lubricants, including Skydrol.

Today, Hasco Oil is proud and fortunate to continue to work with our committed and industry-leading partners ExxonMobil, Castrol, and Eastman.