Hasco AW Hydraulic Oil


Product Description

AW Hydraulic Oil is manufactured from highly refined paraffinic base oil and is fortified with an
inhibitor system to provide a
product which insures maximum performance in all aspects of hydraulic service. Anti-wear agents
keep wear rates low on critical pump parts and rust and corrosion problems are eliminated by the
rust inhibitor. A foam additive eliminates concerns over operating problems due to foam buildup in
the hydraulic storage tank even in high circulation rate systems with low residence times.


* Recommended for all hydraulic systems regardless of the operating pressure.
* Specifically designed for hydraulic systems operating over 1000 psi which require anti-wear
protection for pump parts.
* Recommended for all hydraulic pump designs including vane, gear and axial and radical piston
* Widely used in machine tools, presses, die-casting machines, circulating systems and hydraulic
control systems.
* Used in lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings, airline lubricators, reciprocating air
compressors, moderately loaded gear sets.
* Meets the requirements of all major hydraulic pump manufacturers: including Vickers I-286-S, and
M-2950-S, Haglund- Denison HF-0, HF-1 and HF-2, Oilgear, Delaval, Pesco, Racine, Hydreco,
Sunstrand, Dynex, John Barnes & Bellows and Valvair.
* Meets the industrial specifications of Cincinnati Milacron P-68, P-69, and P-70, General Motors
LH-04-1, LH-061, and
LH-15-1, Lee Norse 100-1, Jeffrey No. 87, Ford M-6C32, U.S. Steel 136, and B.F. Goodrich 0152.
* Meets DIN 51524 Part-2 (HLP), ISO Grades 22-100.


* Low wear in severe industry OEM pump specification tests means long equipment life even in the
most severe service.
* High resistance to oxidation gives long oil service life and reduces maintenance expenses due to
less frequent oil changes.
* Excellent airline oil with minimum stray mist.
* Highly machines surfaces of hydraulic system components are protected from rust and corrosion.
* Foam inhibition prevents formation of excessive amounts of foam and reduces the danger of
pump failures due to cavitation.
* Excellent demulsibility means any water present separates from the oil quickly allowing the water
to settle out and be drained from the system.
* A versatile product which can be widely used in many different industrial applications to reduce
inventory, prevent equipment damage due to use of wrong oil and reduce overall maintenance


Gravity, APID-28731.831.030.3
Flash Poin, FD-92375395425
Fire Point, FD-92420440470
Pour Point, FD-97-20-20-15
Viscosity Test
SUS @ 100 FD-2161165237352
SUS @ 210 FD-216144.248.855.3
cST. @ 40 CD-445324668
cST. @ 100 CD-4455.366.748.62
Viscosity IndexD-2270999997
Color, D-1500D-15002.02.02.5
Zinc, Wt. %.058.058.058
Phosphorus, Wt. %.05.05.05