Hasco 503B Rust Preventive


Product Description

Hasco 503B is a no odor, oil-dispersed, water-displacing, fingerprint suppression corrosion preventive formulated to give
long-term indoor protection. This product deposits a thin, slightly oil residual film, which is easily cleaned using an alkaline
cleaner or vapor degreaser.


* When used straight, this product will provide excellent humidity protection for ferrous and non-ferrous parts for up to
one and one-half years of indoor storage.
* High flash point eliminates need for special fire equipment
* Displaces free-standing water, emulsion, and alkaline cleaner solutions, and replaces the water with a protective film
* Handled parts are fully protected from fingerprint corrosion because of specially formulated additives.
* Compliant with SCAQMD 2012 VOC limits


* No odor enviroment is desired by operations
* Previous operations expose the metal to water-containing machining and grinding coolants, cleaners, and water rinses
* Parts are manually inspected or packaged
* Long-term indoor humidity is needed
* Ease of cleanability is desired


Title 1 2 3 4
Appearance Clear yellow fluid
Specific Gravity @ 60°F .865-.885
Bulk Density lbs/gal 7.30
Viscosity Kinematic: 14mm2/s (14 cSt) at 40°C 14
VOC (ASTM E 1868-10) g/l 23
Flash Point °F/°C 340°F/171°C
Film Type Oily
Calculated Coverage sq. ft/gal 16,000 sq. ft/gal
Film Thickness mils 0.6-0.1