Hasco Forge FE4-329A

Water Based Forging Lubricant

Product Description

Hasco Forge FE4-329A is a high performance, water based forging lubricant engineered to provide excellent lubrication to extend die life and reduce scrap. The distinctive chemistry of FE4-329A reduces the risk of fires, minimizes die buildup, and enhances operator acceptance.


  • Performance comparable to oil based forging lubricants
  • Reduces consumption over oil based lubricants
  • Water based to reduce the risk of fires and greatly lower VOC’s
  • Minimal smoke, low odor, and lead free technology improves operator acceptance
  • Acts as a good parting agent to prevent parts from sticking in the dies and minimize downtime
  • Minimizes heavy dye build up
  • Suspends graphite to reduce packing and lessens the need for agitation
  • FE4-329A should be applied by low pressure spray equipment for optimum performance
  • Continuous agitation is recommended to ensure even distribution of the graphite



  • FE4-329 is designed for the hot forging of aluminum alloys for the automotive and aerospace industries where dye temperatures are typically between 650°F and 750°F
  • Certain applications and conditions may allow the product
    to be used at temperatures outside of this range
  • Although FE4-329A was designed for near-net aluminum applications, FE4-329A has been found to perform well in general purpose titanium applications.
  • This product may be suitable for some grades of steel
  • FE4-329A is designed to be used a received


UnitTest MethodValue
pH of Concentrate-ASTM E 70
Specific Gravity @ 60°F-ASTM D 1298
Density @ 60°Flb/galASTM D 1298
VOCg/LASTM E 1868-10