Hasco Forge FO4-325A


Product Description

Hasco FO4-325A is a high performance lead-free, low smoke, oil and solvent based aluminum hot forging compound. Due to excellent lubricating properties, FO4-32 5A improves die life and reduces scrap. Its state-of-the-art formulation enhances operator acceptance by reducing smoke and build-up and providing uniform metal movement.


• Lead-free, oil and solvent base reduces smoke.
• Reduces sliding friction between the dies and forgings to lower pressure requirements, fill die cavities and control metal flow.
• Good parting agent that prevents parts from sticking to the dies, and minimizes downtime and rejects.
• Uniformly coats the hot dies and work piece to ensure even metal flow.
• Prevents heavy die build-up.
• Suspends graphite to eliminate packing of the graphite. Minimum agitation is required to maintain a homogeneous mixture.


  • FO4-325A is compatible with aluminum and other nonferrous metals. Consult your Hasco Sales Engineer for specific questions regarding compatibility.


Unit Test Method Value
Appearance of Concentrate - Visual Black Fluid
Specific Gravity @ 60o F (16o C) CN-TM-086 0.82 – 0.86
Bulk Density lbs/ gal - 7.2
Graphite - - Yes
Flash Point, COC C, F COC 60* C ,140* F