Hasco Forge FO4-328B


Product Description

Hasco FO4-328 B is a heavy duty, lead free forging lubricant formulated with high levels of lubricity additives and a high viscosity to help improve die life and increase production on parts with difficult geometries. FO4-328B minimizes heavy die build up and produces low levels of smoke.


  • FO4-328B is designed for the hot forging of aluminum alloys for the automotive and aerospace industries where die temperatures are typically between 670°F and 770°F.
  • Certain applications and conditions may allow the product
    to be used at temperatures outside of this range.
  • FO4-328B was designed for near-net aluminum applications, FO4-328B has been found to perform well in heavy-duty titanium applications.
  • FO4-328B can be used as received or cut back with 20 – 30% with a light viscosity oil for lighter duty applications.


  • Excellent lubricity prevents excessive die wear and reduces scrap High flash point promotes fire safety.
  • Minimizes heavy die build up
  • Suspends graphite to reduce packing and lessens the need for agitation
  • FO4-328B must be applied by swab or brush when used neat.
  • If cut back with a light viscosity oil as described, high pressure spray equipment can be used.
  • Agitation is recommended before and during use to ensure even distribution of the graphite.


UnitTest MethosValue
AppearanceVisualVisualThickened Black Fluid
Specific Gravity @ 60°F-ASTM D 12980.96 – 1.00
Density @ 60°Flb/galASTM D 12988.2
Flash Point, COC°FASTM D 92430
VOCg/LASTM E 1868-108.0 g/L