Hasco Forge LN 428A


Product Description

Hasco Forge LN 428A is a high performance, water based forging lubricant engineered to provide excellent lubrication to
extend die life and reduce scrap. The distinctive chemistry of LN 428A reduces the risk of fires, minimizes die build up, and enhances operator acceptance. LN 428A is supplied as a concentrate and can be diluted 5% to 20% concentration in tap water. Constant agitation is needed to keep the graphite in suspension. LN 428A should be applied by a high-atomization sprayer.


  • Performance comparable to oil based forging lubricants
  • Reduces consumption over oil based lubricants
  • Water based to reduce the risk of fires and greatly lower VOC’s
  • Minimal smoke, low odor, and lead free technology improves operator acceptance
  • Acts as a good parting agent to prevent parts from sticking in the dies and minimize downtime
  • Minimizes heavy die build up
  • Suspends graphite to reduce packing and lessens the need for agitation


LN 428A is designed for mechanical presses in the hot forging of aluminum alloys for the automotive and aerospace industries where die temperatures are typically between 250°F and 350°F. However, certain applications and conditions may allow the product to be used at temperatures outside of this range.


UnitTest MethosValue
AppearanceVisualVisualBlack Paste
pH of concentrate-ASTM E 7010.6
Specific Gravity @ 60°F-ASTM D 12981.09
Density @ 60°Flb/galASTM D 12989.08
VOCg/LASTM E 1868-101.0