Hasco Form 821

Product Description

Hasco Form 821 is sulfo-chlorinated tapping fluid concentrate, which contains extreme pressure, oiliness, and anti-weld additives. Hasco Form 821 can be used stra ight in severe operations or as an additive for
cutting oils.


  • Performance enhancing sulfur and chlorine provide anti-weld properties and extreme pressure resistance for
    improved performance and superior finishes.
  • Extremely high concentration of metalworking additives provides maximum cutting ability and value.
  • May be used either straight for difficult machining applications or as an additive to improve straight cutting oils.
  • Replenishes additives in cutting oils where dilution by lubricating and hydraulics oils occur.
  • Moderately viscous and blends easily with diluent oil


As a concentrate, Hasco Form 821 may be used in a wide variety of machining, drilling, tapping, broaching, drawing, and stamping operations involving free machining alloys and stainless steel, titanium, and nickel alloys. Consult your Hasco Sales Engineer for questions regarding compatibility.

Hasco Form 821 can also function to improve the capabilities of milder cutting oils: a concentration of from 2% to 10% by volume is recommended.


UnitTest MethodValue
Appearance of concentrate-CN-TM-074Clear dark brown oil
Specific gravity@ 60o F (16o C)CN-TM-0841.07 – 1.09
ViscositySUS @ 100 °F (38 °C)-450 – 550
ISO Grade--220
Bulk densitylbs/gal-9.1
Flash PointCOC, °F/°CCN-TM-039370 °F (188 °C) min
Fire PointCOC, °F/°C-330 °F (166 °C)
% Total Chlorine-CN-TM-01218.0 – 22.0
% Total Sulfur-CN-TM-0968.0 – 10.0
% Total Fat-MW-TM-3219.0 – 11.0