Hasco Pure Cut 1010

Multi-purpose Metalworking Fluid

Product Description

Hasco Pure Cut 1010 is a specialty machining oil designed for high-speed, Swiss style machining of a wide range of metals. Hasco Pure Cut 1010 utilizes hydro-cracked base oil technology and advanced ester additives to provide maximum machining performance, without the use of chlorine or active sulfur.


  • Designed to meet the rigors of Swiss style screw machining
  • Versatile enough for operations such as turning, milling, tapping and threading
  • Perfectly suited for stamping and blanking operations
  • Can be used in final grinding operation to maximize surface finish
  • An excellent choice for honing of all metals


  • Low viscosity dissipates heat quickly, improving tool life
  • High flash point makes creates a safe workplace environment
  • Performance additives provide excellent surface finish over traditional chlorine chemistry
  • Formulated to meet SCAQMD 2012 VOC standards for metal removal oils
  • High viscosity index resist oil thinning at point of cut


Unit Test Method Value
Appearance - CN-TM-007 Clear, Amber Oil
Specific Gravity @60° F (16° C) CN-TM-084 0.829 - 0.869
Viscosity cSt @ 40° C CN-TM-101 10.4 - 12.5
Viscosity Index - ASTM D 2270 114 min
Ester - - No
Flash Point (COC) - COC 340°F
VOC - ASTM E 1868-10 18.3 g/L