Laboratory Services

Hasco’s manufacturing arm maintains a modern laboratory capable of running such wet chemistry test as:

  • Kinematic/Brookfield Viscosity
  • Water Content
  • pH
  • Acid/Alkalinity
  • Particulate Contamination

In addition, the facility utilizes methods such as Fourier Transform IR, spectography and X-Ray analysis to characterize fluid components.  Hasco’s laboratory personnel determine the optimal combination of these techniques to determine fluid condition, including additive levels and contaminant identification.  As the laboratory is in Southern California, we can offer quick turnaround times for samples.


Oil Conditioning

Fluids must often be filtered, de-watered or contaminants removed to extended fluid life, maintain performance and reduce waste.  In addition, many equipment OEM’s require fluids to be filtered prior to machine start-up.  Hasco Oil partners with industry leaders to provide these services for metalworking fluids, including both water-dilutable products and straight oils.  For general industrial lubricants, fluid conditioning is especially suited for turbines and hydraulic systems.


Waste Fluid Removal

Water-dilutable metalworking fluids, straight cutting oils and general industrial lubricants often degraded to the point where they can no longer be used or economically re-conditioned.  Disposing of these fluids can be a challenge and Hasco has developed relationships with local waste haulers to handle this problem.  Our partners can remove fluids from machines and transport to accredited disposal facilities for a reasonable fee.  All transactions are conducted through Hasco to ease the administrative burden of fluid disposal.



Proper fluid selection is only part of the performance equation.  Applying the fluids optimally is critical in maximizing operational efficiency.  Hasco has experience in the type of equipment meant to store, transport and deliver fluids in production and maintenance environments.  This includes tanks, reels, hoses, meters, pumps and spray systems.   Hasco relationships with major oil companies gives us to the opportunity to reduce the cost burden of installing new equipment.


Machine Monitoring

Machine performance is directly related to production efficiency.  Hasco is working with a technology company to provide real time machine data to supervisors and management.  This information is readily available via a number of devices including computers, tablets and smartphones.  This data can be used to identify machine issues as they occur to rectify immediate production concerns.  In addition, then data can be analyzed over a period of time to determine machine health and develop strategies to improve performance where necessary.


Machine Cleaning

Hasco Oil has developed an extensive program for cleaning out customers’ machine tools. We offer a number of customized options, ranging from a basic chip cleanout and coolant recharge all the way to an intense cleaning of all the surfaces and interior panels. Hasco has the ability to handle virtually any sized machine and type of shop. We can also arrange for the disposal of your used metalworking fluids and find ways to optimize your waste during this process. Whether you have a single machine that needs a clean-out or a large job-shop looking for a more structured maintenance cleaning program, Hasco has the experience and personnel to handle your needs.


Product Development

Hasco’s laboratory and production resources combine to develop and/or improve a variety of production fluids.  The process is used to reverse engineer current products to control costs, consolidate suppliers and maintain appropriate inventories.  For product improvement and development, Hasco relies on our application knowledge to meet customer objectives.  Our ability to produce small batches allows us to conduct multiple field trials, resulting in confidence in the product once it goes to market.



Product knowledge is critical to maximize performance, ensure operator safety and improve processes.  Hasco has the ability to conduct in-house and remote training along with our supplier partners.  Technology advancements allow our customers to enroll in on-line training academies, sponsored by our suppliers, to access the most up to date topics in a format that allows for a customizable training pace.  Training topics include fluid characteristics, analysis interpretation, proper handling/storage and regulatory compliance.