Cutting & Grinding Neat Oils

Viscosity cSt @40C
Viscosity SUS @ 100F
Cast Iron
Low carbon &
free machining steels
Alloy steels,
Stainless, Nodular iron
Aluminum alloys
Titanium alloys
Nickel (Inconel, Rene,
Hastalloy, Waspalloy)
Copper Alloys
Magnesium alloys
Variocut B46TCHigh performance neat oil for gear manufacturing.Yellow1577444No33NoNo
Variocut B 27Gear hobbing, shaping, hypoid, skiving of steelYellow23110333NoNoNoNoNo
EDM Fluid
Ilocut EDM 200EDM fluid with low odor and long life.Clear Colorless2.7363333333No
Ilocut EDM 401Economical EDM fluid for applications where petroleum odor can be tolerated.Pale Yellow4.3413333333No
Environmentally Responsible
Performance Bio NuCut MQLPlant-based neat oil for MQL and mist oil applications.Light Amber401863333223No
Performance Bio NuCut ThreadPlant-based, heavy duty oil for tough operations like threading and tapping.Light Amber703254444424No
Performance Bio Nucut Super LitePlant-based neat oil, for high pressures, small parts, and honing/ grinding.Light Amber84933342233
Performance Bio Nucut LitePlant-based neat cutting oil for general machining and high pressure applications.Light Yellow251373334223No
Performance Bio Nucut Ultra LitePlant-based neat cutting oil for general machining, high pressure, and grinding apps.Light Yellow157733342233
Grinding Oil
Variocut G 600CBN, high speed and creep feed grinding of most metals. Low mist.Yellow1266333222NoNo
Variocut G 950CBN, high speed and creep feed grinding plus general machining of multi-metals.Yellow8523332NoNo3No
Variocut G 572Heavy duty machining & grinding titanium, stainless, nickel alloys, & other ferrous metals.Black Opaque50243454No33NoNo
Variocut G 500Designed primarily for flute and thead grinding of tool steels for making drills and tapsPale Yellow22106223NoNoNo2No
Carecut ES 2Premium ester-based high performance cutting & grinding oil for multiple metals.Clear9.56045452242
Variocut G 600 HCHigh perf CBN grinding, Hydrocracked base oil for low odor and long life. Good for honing too.Pale Yellow11.356453NoNo32No
Variocut G 650 HCCBN, high speed and creep feed grinding plus general machining of ferrous metals.Yellow9.358454NoNo32No
Variocut D 249High performance, EP, chlorine-free gundrilling and machining oil for ferrous metals.Red16803333223No
Variocut C 334Gundrilling, boring, trepanning, and gear shaving steelAmber11.565332NoNo2NoNo
Honing Oil
Carecut ES 3Premium ester-based oil for severe honing and superfinishing of multi-metals.Yellow5.54654352232
Honilo 980Honing oil with non-chlorinated EP.Yellow4.5454322No222
Honilo 971High performance honing, superfinishing and general machining oil with EPYellow8.252.64333No32No
Honilo 710Low odor , high perf honing oil with low VOCs.Yellow5.34453222222
Honilo 981High performance honing oil.Yellow4.8474323No232
Machining Oil
CareCut ES 1Castrol CareCutTM ES 1 NA is a chlorine- and heavy metal-free neat cutting oil, based on advanced biodegradable ester technology. designed for severe general machining, broaching and gear manufacturing of ferrous andYellow3217745452342
Ilocut 5721Screw Machines, Swiis automatics. Dual-purpose cutting @ hysraulic. Alum & yellow metals.Red271403333223No
Ilocut 5713Turning, drilling, milling, Swiss automatics, of steel, alum, yellow metals, stainlessRed16803333223No
Ilocut 154Low cost, med visc neat oilBrown3518433No2NoNo2No
Performance Bio Nucut PlusPlant-based neat cutting oil. Dual-purpose cutting & lubricationLight Yellow401903334223No
Variocut C 838Chlorine free oil for turn, mill, drill, grind, tappingAmber402003322222No
Variocut C 700Low odor honing & machining. High performance for aerospace applications.Pale Yellow116523243232
Ilocut 5770High perf, chlorine free oil for stainless and nickel alloys (Inconel, hastalloy, waspalloy).Red552633442333No
Ilocut 5720Medium viscosity, CP replacement oil for all metals. Suited for screw machines and Swiss automatics.High perf, chlorine free oil for stainless and nickel alloys (Inconel, hastalloy, waspalloy).Amber28140332222NoNo
Ilocut 100Economical, low viscosity neat oil for multi-metal applications and free machining steelsYellow2813245452342
Variocut B 27Gear hobbing, shaping, hypoid, skiving of steelYellow23110333NoNoNoNoNo
Tapping Fluid
Variocut C Moly DeeHeavy duty oil for tough ops like threading and tapping or as an addititive to improve neat oils.Gray Opaque183850555355NoNo