Synthetic Coolants

Synthetic OilsPERFORMANCEMetals/ Applications
Tramp Oil Reject
Ferrous Corrosion
Foam Control
Cast Iron
Low carbon &
free machining steels
Alloy steels, Stainless,
Nodular iron
(aerosp, 6000/ 7000 series)
Titanium alloys
Nickel (Inconel, Rene,
Hastalloy, Waspalloy)
Copper alloys
Magnesium alloys
Heavy Duty
Syntilo 9974 BFHeavy duty synthetic for ferrous. Boron-free.5255G,M,T,D,R,B,HG,M,T,D,R,B,FG,M,T,D,B,FG
Syntilo 9974Heavy duty synthetic for ferrous.5255G,M,T,D,R,B,HG,M,T,D,R,B,FG,M,T,D,B,FG
Syntilo 9954Heavy duty synthetic for ferrous.5255G,M,T,D,R,B,HG,M,T,D,R,B,FG,M,T,D,B,FG
Syntilo 9918Medium to heavy duty synthetic for ferrous.5355G,M,T,D,R,BG,M,T,D,R,BG,M,T,D,BG,M,T,BG,M,T,BMG,MM
Syntilo 9913High lube synthetic, multi-metal. Boron-free. Boeing Approved5155G,M,T,D,R,BG,M,T,D,R,B,FG,M,T,D,B,FG,M,T,BG,M,T,BMG,MM
Light Duty
Syntilo 9730Light to medium duty synthetic with boundary lube for ferrous materials.
Syntilo 9930Light to medium duty synthetic for ferrous5255G, MG, MG, M
Syntilo 9930 BFLight to medium duty synthetic for ferrous. Boron-free.5255G, MG, MG, M
Syntilo 9902Light duty synthetic for ferrous/ glass.5255G, MG, M
Medium Duty
Syntilo 9926Medium duty synthetic for ferrous. Boron-free.5255G,M,R,B,T,DG,M,TG,M
Syntilo 9828Boeing & Bombardier approved; composite fiber machining.5255G,M,TGG,MG,MMG,MM
Syntilo 9904Medium to heavy duty synthetic for ferrous.5255G,M,T,D,R,BG,M,T,D,R,BG,M,T,D,R
Hysol 6754Hysol 6754 is a soluble metalworking fluid that works to enhance machining performance and surface finish, while providing improved bio-resistance and lower overall operating costs. Hysol 6754 is free of formaldehyde releasing agents, boron and chlorine and is designed primarily for individual systems.
Hysol 6519Hysol 6519 is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed for manufacturers that want a single fluid to machine a variety of metals. It’s long-lasting and clean running qualities provide dependable rancidity control that makes it an excellent choice for use in infivifual and central systems. Hysol 6519 is free of chlorine and formaldehyde releasing agent.
Hysol 6510Hysol 6510 is a semi-synthetic metalworking fluid that offeres exceptional hard water stability and is designed for central system applications where long fluid life and cleanliness are key fluid attributes. The technology in Hysol 6510 results in signigicant in-use savings by reducing system recharges, make-up rates and additive purchases.
Hysol 21 BFHysol 21 BF is a boron-free, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid containing an additive package that provides excelllent corrosion protection to machine tools and parts. It also provides ecvellent fluid stability which lowers overall operational costs. Hysol 21 BF is suitable for individual and central systems and is free of chlorine, formaldehyde releasing agents, and boron.
Hysol AMGHysol AMG is a heavy duty, high oil fluid that resists the development of rancid odors and fungus. It is easy to mix and protects machines and parts from corrosion and staining. Hysol AMG contains a high level of EP additives, primarily to improve performance on heavy duty grinding and machining of ferrous metals. It is formulated for stability in extremely high water hardness, making it suitable for some magnesium machining applications.