Aerospace Alloy Machining

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  • Cut 022

    Hasco Cut 022 is a low viscosity, multi-purpose metalworking fluid that can be used in machining and forming operations.  Hasco Cut 022 is especially effective in gear extrusion operations.  Hasco Cut 022 is formulated with chlorine and esters to provide maximum lubrication and excellent finish.  The additives and low viscosity allow Hasco Cut 022 to+ Read More
  • Cut 025

    Hasco Cut 025 is a high performance metalworking fluid specifically designed for centerless grinding applications of aerospace alloys.  Hasco Cut 025 is formulated to allow metal fines to rapidly settle, minimizing line clogging.  The fluid does not contain active sulfur and thus is suitable for use as a dual purpose fluid to lubricate machine compone+ Read More
  • Cut 102

    Hasco Cut 102 is a multi-purpose metalworking fluid that can be used for heavy duty machining metal forming operations.  Hasco Cut 102 is formulated with additives that allow it to maintain a clear color, maximizing workpiece visibility.  Hasco Cut 102 is designed for severe operations such as form grinding and deep hole drilling, but can also be used+ Read More
  • Cut N-1617

    Hasco Cut N-1617 is a low viscosity, metalworking fluid that designed for high speed screw machine operations where a high flash point is required. Hasco Cut N-1617 is formulated with high performance esters and highly refined base oils to maximize performance. The combination of low viscosity and high flash point makes Hasco Cut N-1617 an excellent c+ Read More