Lubricating Oils

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  • 506A AC Machine Oil

    Hasco 506A AC Machine Oil is an ISO 68 oil designed to lubricate ammonia compressor components.  As ammonia compressors are typically used in refrigeration applications,   the lubricating oil must be able to flow effectively at low temperatures.  Hasco 506A AC Machine Oil is formulated with wax-free base stocks to prevent line clogging that can occu+ Read More
  • AW Hydraulic Fluids

    Hasco AW Hydraulic Fluids are designed to lubricate hydraulic pumps in rotary vane, axial and radial piston systems.  Hasco AW Hydraulic Fluids are manufactured from high quality base stocks and appropriate anti-wear additive levels to meet the high pressures and precision requirements of modern hydraulic systems.  Hasco AW Hydraulic Fluids meet Haglu+ Read More
  • EP Gear Oils

    Hasco EP Gear Oils are designed to lubricate enclosed, heavily loaded gear sets using splash or circulating oil systems.  Hasco EP Gear Oils are formulated with sulfur phosphorous additives that activate at high temperatures and pressures to prevent gear teeth wear.  Hasco EP Gear Oils are available in ISO grades 220/320/460 and meet AGMA EP Gear Spec+ Read More
  • Machine Oils

    Hasco Machine Oils are multi-purpose fluids designed to lubricate a wide range of mechanical components.  Hasco Machine Oils are manufactured form high quality base stocks and additives to prevent wear, corrosion and foaming.  Hasco Machine Oils can be used in applications such as hydraulic systems, airline oilers, lightly loaded gear sets and plain/a+ Read More
  • Texlubes

    Hasco Texlubes are designed to lubricate needles on high speed knitting machines.  Texlubes are available in ISO 15, 22 and 32 viscosity grade.  They are designed to not only improve needle life, but they are easily washed out of fabrics.  This reduces fabric staining and improving machine efficiency.  Texlubes can be applied by brush, drip or spray+ Read More
  • Way Lubes

    Hasco Way Lubes are designed to lubricate sliding ways in modern CNC machines.  Hasco Way Lubes are formulated to prevent the slip-stick phenomenon that can result in part rejection.  In addition, Hasco Way Lubes provide excellent rust prevention, extending way life and avoiding costly way surface re-work.  Hasco Way Lubes are balanced with a tackine+ Read More