506A AC Machine Oil

Product Description

Hasco 506A AC Machine Oil is an ISO 68 oil designed to lubricate ammonia compressor components.  As ammonia compressors are typically used in refrigeration applications,   the lubricating oil must be able to flow effectively at low temperatures.  Hasco 506A AC Machine Oil is formulated with wax-free base stocks to prevent line clogging that can occur with paraffin base stocks.  Hasco 506A AC Machine Oil can be used in rotary screw, reciprocating and vane compressors.  Hasco 506A AC Machine Oil should not be used in systems using R-12 and R-134A refrigerants.

Product Data Sheet

Hasco 506A View PDS

Product Safety Data Sheet

506a Ammonia Compressor Oil R1-sds View SDS


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